That Night

Related image One night David and his son was walking on a road. There was no one on the road but they were there and the sound of wind was the only sound heard at that night on that quite road. then after walking some miles the weather seemed rainy and soon it rained there. David said “it is time to go home run otherwise we will get wet”. they ran for shelter but couldn’t find it . they reach the home but David’s wife was not opening the door after they ringed the bell 13 times .Image result for house in rainy night

They thought to call the police but their phone were dead so they had to go to the police station. the police went to the house and knocked the door a women came out said “how can I help you “. he said ” where were at the night your husband knocked the door but you didn’t opened “. she said whom are you talking about my son and my husband  died many years ago sir “. he looked back but they were vanished. Were they truly there? want to know please comment.


Aaron’s first Mystery

just like regular days Aaron was on his work and he was very tired. he was sitting on his chair and his legs were on the table. It was a really busy day for him and he had to go to his aunt’s house as she had adopted a new girl . His aunt told him that she is eleven years old and her name is Becca. It was the time to leave the office. It was freezing cold outside. he drove to his aunt’s house and found that her aunt was standing outside the house with a TRIUMPHANT smile .[ working on this will be competed soon]



Once at midnight I was lying on the bed. The fan was on and my brother was snoring. It was my new home so I didn’t knew the whole map of my home. At that night I wasn’t able to sleep so I was just thinking. Suddenly I felt that someone is also there in this room. I looked back but there was no one but when I looked at the window I found a girl standing on the other side of the window. She was wearing a white cloth. She had red eyes and black hairs. The blood was coming out of her mouth. then I rubbed my eyes and she disappeared. I get up from the bed and went near the window but there was no one. then I again lie down on the bed. After sometime I felt like someone is knocking the door. this time I took my bat with me which was lying beside the chair. I was too scared. I opened the door but there was no one. It was 3:00 am and I couldn’t sleep. Then I fell asleep . suddenly I opened my eyes and found that girl standing in front of me. I rubbed my eyes but this time she wasn’t going from there. She hold my shoulder and started shaking it. She was shouting and saying  gggggeeeetttt uuuuppppp. I felt like she is saying in slow motion. I opened my eyes and saw that my mother was shaking me and saying get up. It was 12:00 of the morning. Sigh! it was just a dream but scared me.