Once at midnight I was lying on the bed. The fan was on and my brother was snoring. It was my new home so I didn’t knew the whole map of my home. At that night I wasn’t able to sleep so I was just thinking. Suddenly I felt that someone is also there in this room. I looked back but there was no one but when I looked at the window I found a girl standing on the other side of the window. She was wearing a white cloth. She had red eyes and black hairs. The blood was coming out of her mouth. then I rubbed my eyes and she disappeared. I get up from the bed and went near the window but there was no one. then I again lie down on the bed. After sometime I felt like someone is knocking the door. this time I took my bat with me which was lying beside the chair. I was too scared. I opened the door but there was no one. It was 3:00 am and I couldn’t sleep. Then I fell asleep . suddenly I opened my eyes and found that girl standing in front of me. I rubbed my eyes but this time she wasn’t going from there. She hold my shoulder and started shaking it. She was shouting and saying  gggggeeeetttt uuuuppppp. I felt like she is saying in slow motion. I opened my eyes and saw that my mother was shaking me and saying get up. It was 12:00 of the morning. Sigh! it was just a dream but scared me.


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