That Night

Related image One night David and his son was walking on a road. There was no one on the road but they were there and the sound of wind was the only sound heard at that night on that quite road. then after walking some miles the weather seemed rainy and soon it rained there. David said “it is time to go home run otherwise we will get wet”. they ran for shelter but couldn’t find it . they reach the home but David’s wife was not opening the door after they ringed the bell 13 times .Image result for house in rainy night

They thought to call the police but their phone were dead so they had to go to the police station. the police went to the house and knocked the door a women came out said “how can I help you “. he said ” where were at the night your husband knocked the door but you didn’t opened “. she said whom are you talking about my son and my husband  died many years ago sir “. he looked back but they were vanished. Were they truly there? want to know please comment.


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