A world from other eyes

Image result for inspiring wallpaperOne day Marie was sitting on her chair with a cup of tea in her hands. Her father was standing near her. She said” look at those kids laughing outside and destroying the nest of that bird. Her father replied “They look like they are having fun. The bird has already flew away”. She said “but still they are harming the natural beauty. They are so bad”.Her father said “there is always two way of seeing a simple thing in life. Some see things in a positive way some people see things in a negative way. She said “but it isn’t good to do so”. he replied”there is nothing called a thing ‘bad’ and there is nothing called a thing ‘good’. It is the way how you have taken it. She said” I didn’t understand”. He said ” let me tell you a story of the girl named Eliza. Eliza was a 15 years old girl . She was beautiful. She had an account on social media. She used to talk to strangers. Everything was fine but one day Eliza’s mother opened her account  and she found that she had a boyfriend whom she used to text. Those text consist of sexual content . She called her daughter and said” what is this ?” She shouted a lot on her and said ” your family is the best family who accepted your wrong doing. she saw a picture which consist of herself naked. Eliza knew that it wasn’t her but she has copied from somewhere else but she didn’t said a word to her. Eliza realized her mistake after some days. But her mother used to repeat again and again that ‘you misused internet’ and ‘your family is far better than any other family who accepted these things’. She used to repeat the whole story. Eliza cried a lot on these nights. The whole family used to say that she is the worst girl. No one supported her but a young girl who was just 11 years old. One day Eliza was crying and then the little girl shouted at her saying ” stop crying”. She knew everything about her. She said” It doesn’t matter what you have done in past but matter what you are going to do now”. Eliza looked at the girl and said ”your world is bright but mine is dull”. She said ” listen to me………………………………past is past but today is a gift that is why it is known as present. You should not care what you have done. You should not care what people think about you. The only thing you should care is your goal, your aims, your health and your happiness which you will get the most from yourself. Don’t care what your mother says and what your whole family says. You are the best. get those people out of your mind and throw them in the trash and fill your mind with your thoughts about yourself”. Eliza was changed after that day. Just like regular days her mother didn’t stopped so didn’t Eliza stopped bothering her. She said that ”I won’t forgive you” but Eliza whispered ”who needs your forgiveness”. Eliza is now a famous scientist. Marie said ” now i got it”


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