Scarlet’s birthday

It was the morning of Scarlet’s second birthday. She was going to be 2 years old. She and her mother and father would celebrate her birthday so she was happy as the cake is whole going to be her. Also she would get toffees, chips and gifts. She waked up smiling because the day was going to be the best but soon her smile fade when she saw her best friend Jacob and her bigger cousin sister Elsa. Elsa was the girl who used to do her make up and she made Scarlet look ridiculous. Jacob was her best friend who eat too much. On the Christmas day he ate the whole cake and sweet which her mother had made that day and my chocolates too. They two will make her birthday worst and she didn’t wanted that. So she planned that when Elsa going to ask for make up she will sent Jacob and she will considered him as Scarlet because Scarlet will make him look alike to her. She called”Jacob will you please help me in finishing this chips”. He came running and then eat the whole chips. But he didn’t know that it contain sleeping pill in it. After sometime he slept. Then she does his make up and made him sit in Elsa’s rest room. Elsa started doing his make up thinking that he is Scarlet. Scarlet lock they two into that room. It was 8:00 pm so they were going to cut the cake but Elsa and Jacob didn’t came. Her mother and father was worried but Scarlet told them that they are sleeping so they didn’t waked them and started cutting the cake but a voice of knocking the door was heard. She opened the door and it was Jacob and her sister Elsa. Then they asked “what happened ?how did you two get locked”. They said that they don’t know. Her parents get that it was done by Scarlet but they didn’t scold her as it was her birthday and soon Jacob’s parents and Elsa’s parent arrived to pick them up. After they went out she celebrated her birthday with her parents and just the same she thought to celebrate. It was a happy day for her.